Curtain wall & Structural Glazing Systems

A curtain wall is the outer envelope of a building which does not carry structural load. A curtain wall is constructed with the intention to protect the building from environmental elements. It is usually made of lightweight material like glass for reducing costs and better appeal. The curtain wall is a non-load-bearing wall. A metal curtain wall is an exterior curtain wall that consists of metal, or a combination of metal, glass and other surfacing materials supported within a metal framework. A window wall is a type of metal curtain wall which is installed between floors or between floor and roof. It consists of vertical and horizontal framing members.

Curtain Wal Structural Glazing
Curtain Wall Structural Glazing

A curtain wall is also categorized as stick, unitized or semi-unitized system based on the commonly used erection techniques. The main difference between unitized & semi unitized system is that the unitized wall is installed as a sequence of factory-assembled frames, with interlocking mullions and transoms, and the semi-unitized wall is installed on site, after being fabricated in the factory. “Storefronts” are non-load-bearing glazed systems that occur on the ground floor, which typically include commercial aluminium entrances. They are installed between floor slabs, or between a floor slab and building structure above. Our curtain wall services include aluminium curtain walling systems (stick and unitized systems with any profiles depending on the client requirements), structural glazing (2 way and 4 way), metal composite panel cladding, metal canopies, doors & windows and skylights.

Advenser's expertise in facade detailing is what sets it apart from other BIM services providers. Advenser provides 2D detailing , 3D modeling & fabrication drawings for all curtain wall and structural glazing systems. Structural glazing systems are a brilliant and cost effective alternative for architectural glass designs. Structural Glazing systems consist of glass with partial or full frame and are structurally glazed / adhered to the outside surface resulting in a flush external finish. We provide services for shop drawings including floor / key plans, elevations, and sections for all curtain walls. Our services include fabrication drawings for glass, aluminium panels, stone, anchors & extrusions.

We are experts and experienced in SCHUCO, GUTMANN, GULF EXTRUSION, JANSEN ECONOMY, JANISOL, VISS, ALCOA, PRESTO systems, which facilitates the most innovative and intrinsic façade concepts to be implemented with an impressive finishing and also eccourages green building technology. All these systems offer a variety of profile systems and versions and allow energy efficiency & sustainability. These façade systems are commonly used in construction due to their simplicity and durability. We follow the same standards for all projects from a particular client, to ensure quality and consistency of our drawing. We ensure you the most reliable façade drafting & detailing services with a quick turnaround time. We are experts in producing façade 2d & 3D drafting & detailing services using sophisticated tools.

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