Facade / Curtain Wall BIM

Building Information Modeling is the process of creation of parametric, or intelligent, 3D models instead of 2D perspective ‘un-intelligent’ drawings. A BIM model operates on a digital database. Any change made to the BIM database is reflected throughout the entire set of drawings. Every party involved in the building lifecycle (architects, engineers, contractors, developers, and building owners) – will be able to sync together their corresponding database allowing them to view the model in different ways. This allows seamless sharing of information without any hiccups.

Façade Curtain Wall BIM Detailing Services
Façade Curtain Wall BIM Detailing Services

BIM enables the virtual information model to be handed over from design team (architects, surveyors, consulting engineers, and others) to contractor and subcontractors and then to the owner, each adding their own contribution in their discipline. Specific knowledge and tracking of changes are accommodated into the single model. This greatly results in the reduction of information loss that usually occurs when a new team takes "ownership" of the project as well as in delivering extensive information to owners of complex structures far beyond that which they are conventionally accustomed to having.

Implementation of BIM in Façade is envisaged in the following three phases:

  • Design phase
    The implementation of BIM in the façade design phase involves a detailed study of Building Information Modeling across the construction industry, and of design and manufacturing process in façade engineering. The purpose of this phase is to identify current barriers to the application of BIM in façade design and specify the requirements for an effective implementation.
  • Developing a prototype
    The second phase involves the development of a prototype BIM for specific application to façade design in response to the issues faced. This will involve the BIM software as add-ons and a database of information that are to be captured and followed. The prototype model thus developed will be utilized to gather detailed feedback from various design professionals involved at that stage to inform the final design.
  • Application to a live façade project
    In this phase the prototype is refined and fine tuned and then applied it to a section of a live project. This will serve as a detailed testing and observation of BIM application to a façade design.

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