Atrium, Canopies, Glass Bridges & Stairs

An atrium is defined as a large & high open space and often coupled with a glazed roof or a large window. Canopy is an overhead roof structure for providing shade. Glass is the most commonly used material for canopies for architectural appeal. Canopies also serve the purpose of weather protection and decoration.

Atrium Canopies Glass Bridges & Stairs
Atrium Canopies Glass Bridges & Stairs

Atrium is usually, located inside a building next to the main entrance door. Atriums are most commonly made of glass from a commercial perspective. It is currently widely used for residential buildings and commercial buildings as well for aesthetic appeal and for utilizing the available natural daylight. Glass atrium is usually made of thick, laminated glass. Glass stairs & bridges are included in the design of commercial buildings for aesthetic look and appeal. Glass bridges are mainly used as connecting structures across interior open areas. We have a dedicated and specialized facade team headed by a senior project manager and include senior draftsmen and expert architectural CAD engineers. We provide facade 2D detailing, drafting & 3D modeling for atrium, canopies, glass stairs & bridges.

Once the project is approved by a client, we always follow the same details for further projects of that particular client, to ensure quality and consistency of our drawing. We ensure you the most cost effective façade drafting & detailing services with a quick turnaround time. We are experts in producing façade 2D & 3D drafting & detailing services using sophisticated tools.

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